Video Content Marketing Strategy: Why You Need It, How to Do it, and What You Can Do 

If you want to learn how visual content can help your business succeed, then let me tell you why it’s important to adapt.

You’ve probably seen the rise of video content on social media and platforms like YouTube. But what you don’t know is the effect it has. 

It’s huge. And it’s about to hit your business. So make sure you understand it now and begin to implement a strategy for its use in your business. 

According to  research by Adobe, most (63%) consumers now say that they always or often finish a piece of video content from start to finish in a single sitting.

Video Has Changed. How About Your Video Strategy? 

One of the biggest challenges digital marketers will face in 2022 is lower conversion rates. 

Videos are excellent conversion tools. As per a report by Forrester, it was found that the highest click through rates (CTR) can be achieved by using videos as a content marketing strategy. 

Video marketing is becoming one of the most popular and preferred ways to engage with customers and convert them into sales.

There’s a rising star in the video content skyline: Interactive video ads.

Imagine this for a moment: a commercial (or video content of any kind) breaks the fourth wall and invites you to click or tap on certain items. 

Then, you’re whisked off to an item landing page that can lead to an immediate purchase or to more information about the product. 

Almost sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Welcome to the world of shoppable video ads — which Amazon and YouTube have both launched in beta in recent months.

Beyond Social Media Videos 

 Research by ThinkTV in Australia shows broadcast VOD on mobile and TV delivers better ad engagement and attention than social video on YouTube and Facebook. 

Naturally, this trend is also trickling down to other methods of advertising such as through online video ads like mobile OTT ads that are considered by marketers and content publishers alike as the next big thing.

Is Mobile OTT Ads the Next Big Thing? 

While you may be familiar with OTT (over-the-top) content, mobile OTT ads are a relatively new and emerging marketing channel on video-streaming apps. 

For context and comparison, traditional television ads are also OTT — they’re taking the place of paid programming which could be anything from internet videos to live sporting events. 

However, mobile OTT ads are different. They can serve as “pre-rolls” or “mid-rolls” before or in between popular video streaming services such Baby TV Live, Discovery Kids TV and PBS Kids Go!

Some predict that the mobile internet will surpass the traditional internet in 2025 by about 300%. 

And it’s not hard to see why. Mobile phones are an integral part of our daily lives, used for everything from checking the weather forecast to sharing a funny cat video. 

The bottom line is that mobile OTT ads are here to stay, and brands need to adapt to the changing needs of consumers. So, what does this mean for your brand? Keep an eye on where future trends are heading and make sure your brand is ready to reflect these changes.

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