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The Next Generation Of Loyalty Programs

In the midst of this pandemic, many brands made a point to move heavily toward digitalization by offering expanded online services, curbside pickup, tele-appointments and more.  Consumers today have more buying power and information than ever before. They demand personalization, social engagement, and authenticity from brands … a trend that is only increasing year after […]

Video Content Marketing Strategy: Why You Need It, How to Do it, and What You Can Do 

If you want to learn how visual content can help your business succeed, then let me tell you why it’s important to adapt. You’ve probably seen the rise of video content on social media and platforms like YouTube. But what you don’t know is the effect it has.  It’s huge. And it’s about to hit […]

What Are Universal App Campaigns (UACs) And How To Setup The App Campaigns

Universal App Campaigns (UAC) allow you to get more downloads for your mobile app, these campaigns were introduced to Google Ads back in June of 2017.  Universal App Campaigns are a great way to find new users for your mobile app by advertising on Google’s largest ad networks, including search, display, YouTube, and the Google […]

Retention Marketing Strategy: What Is It And Why You Should Use It

Retention marketing is a strategy that markets to existing customers. It is also known as “re-marketing” or “retargeting”. You may already be familiar with retargeting – maybe you’ve seen ads for products on Facebook that you browsed on Retention marketing takes those strategies one step further with the goal of encouraging an already-existing customer […]

In Bound Marketing: How to Build the Buyer’s Persona 

Buying decisions are rarely 100% rational. Your buying decision is mostly emotionally driven, which means you have to understand your customers and what they need to be persuaded to make a purchase.  If you want to market your business, a careful understanding of the target market is essential. Buyer personas present a real picture of […]